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PCNFT is a games and NFT studio based on the Cardano blockchain in the United Kingdom.

Collect PC components, build a PC and play exclusive games on your own unique PC NFT!


OG Fan

OG Fan Policy ID: 3fbba2e030323f2567ec6d10dec5f7a47ac70cb6edeba1a371894a84


PCNFT Component Token Policy ID: f2d4ff1cbe0691fa6b434be9d488b66520f9e2536f65c589781418f4 


Our Mission


PCNFT Non-Fungibles

Not just another NFT

We at PCNFT strive to create non-fungible tokens with more utility than a profile picture. Our component tokens are designed and perfected by our artists’ hard work and passion for the project.

Our component tokens can be combined into a unique 1/1 PC Build token using our online interactive PC Builder. Once acquired, the PC Build token will grant each holder exclusive access to our games and special events.


PCNFT Community

PCNFT Social Club

Simplicity is key. That is why we at PCNFT are striving to create an all-in-one, interactive, online space for our community to socialise, view live PCNFT events and play games from their very own 1/1 PC Build set inside a customizable home in the PCNFT Hub.



Quality, Fun, Rewards

The PCNFT team has experience in next-generation AAA games and are passionate beyond belief about gaming. With backgrounds from games design, development and art and QA, we know how to deliver a high quality, enjoyable experience for our players through the quality of work produced. 


Gateway for Gamers

Play Cardano...

We at PCNFT make it our mission to create a gaming community in the Cardano ecosystem. We will provide the general gaming community easy, step-by-step guides on what Cardano, ADA and blockchain is, while introducing them to Cardano game projects like our own.


Our Values

Community • Quality • Entertainment

Whilst we may be heading for the Moon, we care deeply about the Earth. To show our love, we have two pledges:

Pledge 1:


It’s our pleasure to announce that for every PC Build Token we mint, we at PCNFT will personally plant one tree. These trees will be linked to the PC Build Token and holders will be able to track and keep updated about the tree.

Pledge 2:

Carbon Neutral

As a primary objective at PCNFT, we will do everything we can to become carbon neutral with help from a carbon neutral consultant!



Road Map WHITE.png

Launch of PCNFTs

Component Tokens

The PCNFT Component NFTs are the beginning of a long journey. 10,008 Components will be released on the 17th of December 2021 for ₳40 each.

Launch of PC Builds

PC Builder Application

The PC Build Application will allow holders of each component to combine them and mint their own unique 1/1 PC Build NFT. These PC Build NFTs will grant holders access to the PCNFT Social Club, including PCNFT games. 


Planting Trees

For every PC Build token that is minted, a real tree will be planted by the PCNFT team.

Launch of NFT Whales

Our First Game!

PCNFT's first game! NFT Whales is a competitive multiplayer tycoon game with its own simulation of an NFT ecosystem, marketplace and communities. 

Players will compete for NFTs and the most gains on the Whales Leader board. Top ranking Whales will receive rewards!

Launch of PCNFTs

Component Tokens x2

The second release of components will go live. This will grow the PCNFT community and grant more holders access to our games.

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Mika Joel


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Art Director

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Graphic Designer